What You Need to Know About Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Everything that you need to know about bodily injury liability auto coverage.

When it comes to auto insurance, there are a couple of coverages that every driver should carry.  One of these essential coverages is bodily injury liability insurance.  While the name alone seems intimidating, this type of insurance is actually very straightforward.  In simple terms, bodily injury liability auto coverage offers you financial protection in the event that you cause third-party injuries while behind the wheel of a car.  Curious to learn about this type of insurance in more detail?  Then here’s what you need to know.

What Does It Cover?

Bodily injury liability insurance is designed to cover a variety of expenses.  For instance, this type of insurance will offer coverage for the medical treatments that injured parties might require after being involved in an accident with you.  This includes coverage for hospitalization, skilled nursing care, surgery, therapy, and so on.  Additionally, if the affected party is forced to miss work due to their injuries, then bodily injury liability insurance can cover some of their lost wages.  Your bodily injury liability insurance will also cover funeral and burial expenses in the event that an auto accident proves fatal.  Finally, should the affected party sue you for damages, then this insurance can be used to cover your legal fees.

What Doesn’t It Cover?

While bodily injury liability insurance offers a pretty comprehensive set of coverages, it is not all-encompassing.  Here are some of the major things that this type of insurance will not cover:

  • Repair costs for the vehicle or property that you hit
  • Your repair costs
  • Your medical treatment or the treatment of your passengers
  • Any collisions deemed intentional

This is what you need to know about bodily injury liability auto coverage.  Interested in learning more about your car coverage or looking to secure specialty auto insurance for your unique needs.  Then contact the experts at Staybull Insurance today.

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