Can My Auto Policy Be Cancelled Without Notice?

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Can My Auto Policy Be Cancelled Without Notice?

What can I expect if my auto insurance policy is being cancelled?

As a Florida driver, there are certain things that you can do that will result in your auto policy being cancelled.  At this time, you may have to secure Florida high risk auto insurance to get the coverage that you need.  However, many drivers worry that their policy will be cancelled suddenly and that they won’t have time to secure replacement coverage.  Fortunately, this isn’t something that you need to be concerned about.  Here is what your auto insurance provider is obligated to do when they want to cancel your policy.

Prior Notice

In the state of Florida, auto insurers are legally mandated to give their clients prior notice before a policy cancellation.  If your policy is being cancelled within the first 90 days of securing a new policy, then the insurer is required to give you 20-day notice and an explanation for why your policy is being cancelled.  If a cancellation is occurring after the first 90 days, then an insurance company must give at least 10-day notice if they are cancelling your policy because you have failed to pay your premiums or 45-day notice for any other type of cancellation.

Reasons for a Policy Cancellation

An insurer can only cancel your policy if you have committed one of the forbidden things specifically listed in your policy; so, read your policy carefully to ensure that you do not make mistakes that result in the loss of your coverage.  Common reasons for a policy cancellation include the following:

  • Failure to pay premiums
  • Suspension or revocation of driver’s license
  • Lack of valid vehicle registration
  • Customer fraud on the initial insurance application

Fraudulent claim filed While you can attempt to negotiate a cancellation with your insurer, keep in mind that they have the legal right to cancel your policy, and they do not owe you anything.  If you cannot avoid having your policy cancelled, then you will need to seek out a new form of coverage.  After having your policy cancelled, you may have trouble securing a new standard auto policy.  This is where Florida high risk auto insurance comes in.  Contact the experts at Staybull Insurance to learn more about this specialty car coverage option.

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