High Risk Auto Insurance in Broward

High Risk Auto Insurance in Broward

Staybull provides high risk auto insurance all across broward county.  We are an independant insurance agency that services the entire State of Florida.  Here at Staybull we write for many major insurance carriers including Progressive, Foremost, Infinity, Dairyland, Gainsco and more.  Our agency has many markets available for individuals that are considered high risk due to bad driving records.  We also have markets available for people that have one or more PIP claims.  If you have any questions about high risk auto insurance please feel free to give our office a call.  

Florida High Risk Auto Insurance QuoteWhat makes me a high risk driver?  Insurance companies can consider you high risk for a variety of reasons.  Some of these reason can include your driving record, location, age, sex, credit and claims history.  You may also be considered high risk if you have young drivers on your policy.  If you have a bad driving record, your rates will most likely be higher.

How long do violations stay on my driving record in Florida?  In most cases insurance companies will check your driving record for any violations occurring in the past three years.  Some insurance companies do go back for five years.  

How much does high risk auto insurance cost in Florida?  Insurance rates are determined by many different factors.  Insurance companies do not have a set price for diffrent people.  Some of the things that determine insurance rates are age, sex, location, credit and claims history.  You would need to submit a quote request to get and idea of what the cost will be.  

What if I need an SR22 or FR44?  Our agency can provide SR22 and FR44’s for individuals if the State of Florida requires them.  

How can I lower the cost of my insurance if I am high risk?  To lower the cost of insurance you can:

  • increase your deductibles when possible
  • reject uninsured motorist coverage
  • reject comprehensive and collision coverage if your vehicle is not financed
  • increase your pip deductible 
  • reject bodily injury coverage
  • do your best to stay ticket and accident free

Why choose Staybull for your high risk auto insurance?  We specialize in insurance for individuals that are high risk.  Staybull has contracts with many major Florida insurance companies that offer low cost insurance options for individuals that are high risk.  When you request a quote from us, we will search with all the companies we write for to find you the lowest rate.  Our agency also uses electronic signatures so you can request a quote and purchase your insurance from any computer or smartphone.  

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