High Risk Auto Insurance: Things to Consider When Choosing a Plan in Florida

high risk auto insurance

High Risk Auto Insurance: Things to Consider When Choosing a Plan in Florida

high risk auto insurance

Getting insurance coverage is fairly simple—unless you are a high risk driver. if that’s the case, there are other factors that contribute to your rates. According to studies, nearly 2 million drivers are in car accidents and endure permanent injuries each year.

Auto insurance providers make sure that individuals who are more prone to cause accidents pay higher premiums to help cover the damage. If you’re someone who might need high risk auto insurance, take a look at the information below to learn more about it.

What Is High Risk Auto Insurance?

High-risk car insurance is a policy that drivers get any time an insurance provider determines that they are more at risk than the average driver of getting into a vehicle collision and submitting a claim. An insurance provider will deem a driver high-risk for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, some insurance companies won’t cover high-risk drivers at all.

The Standard Categories of Drivers

If you’re someone who’s looking for auto insurance Florida coverage, but you believe you might be a high-risk driver, there are certain factors that contribute to whether or not you’re high risk. Here are some of the basic categories that insurance providers put drivers into:

Preferred risk driver: Drivers who are considered preferred risk are individuals who are very low risk and can get insurance at a low price. These are people who are over 25 and have a good driving record with no tickets. They are also individuals who likely live in an area with minimal theft and vandalism. When insurance companies assess these details, they’ll usually determine that the driver is low risk.

Standard-risk driver: A standard risk driver is an average risk and receives decent rates. This is the person who has a small number of driving tickets and accidents, and a fair credit record. This is the category that many drivers fall into.

Non-standard risk driver: These types of drivers are considered risky and need high risk auto insurance. Individuals in this category are usually young and inexperienced or have multiple tickets.

This category is also for individuals who’ve had DUIs in the past or other reckless driving incidents. Drivers in this category will pay the highest rates for insurance.

How to Know If You Require High Risk Auto Insurance

When you’re shopping for insurance coverage, it’s helpful to know whether or not you’re a high risk driver. Below are a few characteristics that define a high risk driver:

The Type of Car You Have

Sometimes you’ll have to get high risk auto insurance, not based on how well of a driver you are, but the type of car you have. Vehicles that are high-powered or sports cars can spike auto insurance rates. Insurance providers believe that certain cars are more prone to accidents, so they cover themselves on the front end.

For instance, if you have a sports car, it’s assumed that you will drive fast and potentially cause an accident. Not only that, but expensive cars are also a cause for high risk auto insurance. According to insurance providers, expensive cars cost more to repair, so providers will increase the coverage rates.

Your Job

Another contributing factor to the rate of your insurance coverage is your job. If you are a delivery driver or someone who has to drive long distances to work, then your insurance premium will be higher. The more you’re in the car, the greater your risk of having an accident.

Young Driver

If you are an experienced driver, chances are you’ll have high insurance. You are considered a risk because you don’t have a lot of experience out on the road. Not only that, but young people tend to be more careless while behind the wheel.

A Lapse in Insurance Coverage

A lapse in coverage is also a cause for higher premiums. If you let your insurance lap, then the other insurance companies will learn about it and take that into consideration when calculating your premium. There are may also be a spike in rates if you drove your car without insurance for an extended period of time.

Credit History

Most insurance providers won’t deny you insurance if your credit score is bad. However, they will increase your rates. When it comes to determining if you are someone who will keep your coverage, your credit history plays a huge factor.

How to Find Florida High Risk Auto Insurance

The best way to find affordable high risk auto insurance is to compare rates. Take a look at all of your options and see which one suits you best. If you have one company deny you coverage, don’t get discouraged. There are others out there that would be willing to provide insurance to you.

Also, a company like StayBull Insurance is the perfect avenue for connecting you with Florida high risk auto insurance providers. You can compare insurance companies without the added hassle of doing an individual search for insurers.

Keep in mind that you won’t always be labeled as a high risk driver. After a certain amount of time, tickets and auto accidents fall off your record, which gives you a clean slate.

When you get your high risk auto insurance policy, make an effort to drive carefully during your insurance term by avoiding tickets and accidents. Doing so will slowly decrease your premium.

Get Florida High Risk Auto Insurance

If you need high risk auto insurance, Staybull Insurance is here to help. We’ll connect you with an insurance provider who will cover you if you have a bad driving record, or if you’re considered high risk.

To ask us questions, call 772-924-0854 or get a quote online.

We look forward to helping you get insurance coverage.

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