The Best Auto Insurance for High Risk Drivers

auto insurance for high risk drivers

The Best Auto Insurance for High Risk Drivers

auto insurance for high risk drivers

Mistakes happen. Sometimes, they happen when you’re behind the wheel of a car.

For one of several reasons, you may have trouble securing standard insurance. You may have allowed your insurance to lapse. Alternatively, you may have caused an accident or received a DUI.

In these instances, you’ll need a nonstandard insurance policy. This kind of policy is also called high risk auto insurance. High risk auto insurance companies sell this type of coverage to drivers who are the riskiest to insure.

To learn more about finding the best auto insurance for high risk drivers, keep reading.

Do I Need High Risk Auto Insurance?

Typically, insurance companies will not provide a standard policy for high risk drivers. Furthermore, they’ll charge more to provide coverage. In addition, a high risk policy may include extra restrictions.

A high risk policy can make you feel like you’re being penalized. However, “high risk” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a bad driver.

There are many high risk drivers in the United States. Most can’t secure standard coverage from traditional insurers. However, some companies specialize in providing insurance to high risk drivers.

There is no standard definition for a high risk driver. Insurers may consider you a high risk driver for several reasons.

For example, you may have received several tickets. Alternatively, you may have caused an auto accident. Insurance companies may also consider you a high risk driver if you’re charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Insurers also consider you a high risk driver if you allow your insurance policy to lapse. Policy providers might even consider you a high risk driver if you’re an older adult, such as a senior citizen. Conversely, an insurer might consider you a high risk driver if you’re newly licensed.

An insurer may even consider you a high risk driver if you have poor credit. Finally, if you drive a fast, exotic sports car, a policy provider may feel that you present a high risk to insure.

How Long Does High Risk Driver Status Last?

No one wants to get classified as a high risk driver. In some instances, however, the status is unavoidable.

Usually, high risk driver status disqualifies you from securing standard car insurance. As a result, you’ll have no choice but to secure a more expensive high risk insurance policy.

Fortunately, high risk driver status doesn’t last forever. The length of high risk driver status varies based on different factors.

For instance, insurers may consider you a high risk if you do not maintain your insurance continuously. However, you can typically regain access to standard car insurance after maintaining coverage for around half a year.

An insurer may also classify you as high risk if you get issued multiple tickets. The same applies if you’ve caused numerous accidents in a three-year period. In these instances, you’ll need to maintain a clean driving record for three years to exempt yourself from high risk status.

Finally, if you are charged with a serious offense such as driving under the influence, insurers may consider you a high risk driver for the following five years. However, if you maintain FR44 filing status and insurance coverage, you may relieve yourself of high risk status faster. Then, you can again purchase a standard auto insurance policy.

Auto Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Of course, you want the best high risk auto insurance. You might try to find insurance while browsing an online list of high risk auto insurance companies.

However, this isn’t always the best method. Instead, it’s better to work with an agent who will look out for your interests.

If you prefer, you can start trying to find high risk auto insurance by talking with family members or friends. They may know a company that can help you with your high risk insurance needs.

If your only option is to search for an insurer online, then read the reviews carefully. Don’t do business with companies that have a large number of negative reviews. No matter how much you save by buying a policy from a company with bad reviews, you’ll come up short in coverage and service.

Once you’re finished browsing reviews, narrow your choices down to the top three to five insurers. You’ll need to visit each insurance company or call to ask about their high risk policies.

Make sure to ask about their rates and the terms of their policies. When you gathered information from your top choices, you can compare quotes and policy terms.

It’s important not to simply choose the cheapest coverage. High risk auto insurance on the cheap may not provide you with the coverage that you need.

It can prove challenging figuring out which high risk policy is the best. However, you can make the process much easier by working with a knowledgeable insurance agent.

Don’t Take Shortcuts With Auto Insurance!

Some people may take the chance of driving without insurance to avoid the cost of high risk premiums. This tactic may save you money now, but it can cost you so much more later. Furthermore, it’s illegal to drive without insurance.

If you drive without insurance, you might find yourself in big trouble. If you cause an accident, for instance, you’ll have to pay for the damages out-of-pocket. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to make someone whole again after an accident.

Furthermore, you can face fines for driving while uninsured. No matter how much a high risk policy costs, it’s never a good idea to hit the road without coverage.

Work With a Specialist in High Risk Insurance

Now you know more about auto insurance for high risk drivers. What you need is an insurer that understands your situation.

Staybull Insurance has served Florida drivers for more than a decade. We’re one of the leading high risk insurance agencies in Florida.

We can help you find the best high risk auto insurance among the top Florida auto insurance carriers. You can count on our expertise in high risk coverage to make choosing a policy easier.

Contact a Staybull Insurance high risk insurance specialist today at (772) 924-0854 or connect with us online. We’re waiting and ready to help you find the perfect high risk policy.

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